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Our Baja Whales, Whale Sharks and Wildlife eco-tour is the best whales and marine wildlife dream trip possible in Baja. Grey whales give birth in only three locations in the world, all of which are in Baja’s UNESCO protected waters. Our Magdalena Bay and Sea of Cortez whale tours offer the best possible whale experience not only to see newborn baby whales, but actually getting to touch them. Baja is also one of only a handful of places in the world where you can swim with giant whale sharks –the world’s largest fish– in their natural habitat. And we swim with sea lions too!

Our Baja tours aren’t just for grey whales and whale sharks – you can spot up to 9 different species of whales including giant blue whales and large numbers of sperm, fin, minkes, Brydes, humpbacks, orcas and the short-finned pilot whale. Want more? We also include interactions with scientists and researchers, plus exhilarating encounters with turtles (and baby hatchlings!) manta rays, dolphins, sea lions birds and possibly even rare ring-tailed cats. No other Baja whale adventure tour will expose you to so much wildlife!

Grey whales are very social animals and actively seek human interaction, pressing themselves up to our boats and pushing their young – and even lifting them up –to be petted, stroked and splashed by you! You’ll even have a chance to see the astounding 3-whale courtship and mating, with the winning male typically “waving” himself through the air in a victory lap while his new mate sidles up to him through the water. Once the lovers are floating belly-to-belly, a third whale braces the female from the back with his pectoral fins, helping her to maintain position!

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Baja - 8-Day Ultimate Whales, Whale Sharks & Wildlife (with Mag Bay)

This is the most comprehensive, wildlife-focused ecotour available in Baja, packed with specially-designed activities to maximize wildlife viewing. Enjoy hands-on intimate encounters with whales and their newborn calves, plus interactions with biologists and scientific researcher-led activities to swim with whale sharks, measure & tag sea turtles and more. No other Baja eco-tour will expose you to so much wildlife! Learn More>

2022 - $4,498

Baja - 7-Day Whales, Whale Sharks & Wildlife

A shorter version of our Ultimate Baja itinerary without Magdalena Bay. Includes whale encounters with up to 9 whale species and interaction with biologists in scientific, researcher-led activities to swim with whale sharks! Participate in releasing baby turtle hatchlings to the sea and lose yourself in the once-in-a-lifetime chance to snorkel with playful sea-lions. Learn More>

2021 - $3,998

Choose Your Baja Travel Style! Any of our wildlife adventures are also available as fully customizable private trips, honeymoons or family wildlife adventures.

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