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Join Wild Planet's TravelBuddies - our revolutionary travel companion finder. Fill out your profile to find other single travelers seeking to travel together or share rooms. Choose how much you'd like us to share your profile-only amongst single travelers who have contacted Wild Planet directly, or for the best chance, allow us to inquire with our affiliate network comprised of single travelers from other travel clubs and travel organizations. Best of all, it's absolutely free!
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Tip: For the best chance for a match, include your top 3 choices and several options for departure months.
Tip: To reach more potential travel companions, include your profile on our network of affiliates. None of your personal contact info will be shared.
Find a like-minded travel companion to visit
the world's best wildlife destinations. A revolutionary way
to meet amazing people who share your love of travel!
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Your Private profile is never shared without your express permission, once you have approved a potential match.
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