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TravelBuddies, our revolutionary single traveler companion finder is your best way to meet amazing, like-minded people who share your love of travel and have the same values and interests.

  • Q. Is the contact information in the Private section of my Profile ever given out without my express permission?
    A. No. We respect your privacy and the only time we will give out your private contact information is if you specifically request to meet a potential travel companion.
  • Q. Is my Public Profile posted anywhere or just used internally within Wild Planet Adventures?
    A. You can choose to either limit your public profile to our internal use, or allow us to post the information on your Public Profile with our network of affiliate clubs and organizations.
  • Q. If I choose to allow you to share my Public profile with your network of affiliate clubs and organizations, will they contact me or market to me?
    A. Not possible. Your Public Profile does not include any contact information, and they can only contact Wild Planet Adventures. This allows us to protect you from any contact or marketing.
  • Q. Do I have to include my photo in the Public profile in order to take advantage of the wider access to your network of affiliates?
    A. No, you do not have to include your photo, however, just like any other social media or singles site, you’ll get more response and be taken more seriously if you include a warm photo of yourself.
  • Q. Is this a good way to meet men/women?
    A. This is not a singles dating service, and in fact many single travelers are in relationship but not traveling with their partner for a variety of reasons. That said, we have had many people meet on our trips and travel together year after year on multiple trips. We even have had several marriages!
  • Q. Can I include an avatar instead or a photo of anything other than myself?
    A. No. If you prefer not to include a photo, please leave the photo option blank. Photos of yourself do increase your response dramatically, especially photos of you from your previous travels!
  • Q. Who are the organizations and clubs that comprise your network of affiliates?
    A. They are groups from all across the US comprised of single travelers who have self-organized for the explicit purpose of meeting like-minded travelers. We have contacted the organizers of each of these groups, and made specific arrangements to post the information you provided on your Public Profile so their members can also have the opportunity to travel with Wild Planet Adventures as a single traveler.
  • Q. How long does it take for you to find a potential travel companion or roommate for me?
    A. That can vary. Sometimes it can take months, depending on how popular the trip is you’re wanting to attend. Other times it can take days. Tip: Give yourself plenty of time –4-8 months in advance of your trip is ideal, but the more time the better chance you’ll have.
  • Q. Do you guarantee that you’ll find me a travel companion or roommate?
    A. We cannot guarantee that other travelers will respond to your profile, however, we are contacted very regularly by single travelers for all of our trips. If you really want to increase your chances of finding a great travel companion, please make sure you check the box to share your Public profile with our network of affiliates.
  • Q. Can you provide more details about how this works?
    A. Sure! Here you go:
    1. Fill out both the Public and Private sections of the Single Traveler Matching profile form.
    2. When another solo traveler contacts us for the same destination and travel dates, our team at Wild Planet Adventures will personally review each of your forms to make sure it's a match. (Tip: For the best chance for a match, include your top 3 choices and several options for departure months.)
    3. If you would like to cast a wider net for the best chance of finding a travel partner quickly, check the box under "Share Options" and we will share your Public profile with our exclusive network of affiliate clubs and organizations made up of solo travelers who are specifically seeking travel partners and roommates. Privacy Note: Your Public profile does NOT include any of your personal contact info, and your Private profile is never shared with anyone without your express permission, once you have approved a potential match.
    4. Once a potential match is identified, we will contact each of you and share only your Public profile with each other.
    5. If you meet each other’s personal criteria for traveling together on the trip you’ve selected, you can choose to share your private information with each other.
    6. We will then send an email introducing you to each other so you can get to know each other by email or phone to determine if you’d make good travel companions or roommates.
    7. Each of you independently notifies us of your decision to travel together or not.
    8. If you both agree, we will notify each of you and finalize your reservations.
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